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Fade named as “staff pick” at

leading multicultural bookstore!

"A must-read for anyone beginning

a blended family, and a validating read

for anyone who has come from one."

-Busboys and Poets Bookstore

Washington, DC

ISBN-10: 078671882X

FROM THE BOOK JACKET: "What are you?" This seemingly ordinary but politically charged question has become a touchstone for debate around race and ethnicity. Now more than ever, mixed race Americans are calling themselves biracial and multiracial rather than feeling forced to choose only one race. Nearly seven million people checked more than one racial category in the 2000 U.S. census, the first time in history Americans had the option to mark more than one box.

With Fade, television journalist Elliott Lewis weaves his memoirs as a black-and-white biracial American with the voices of dozens of multiracial people who are challenging how we think and speak about race today. His interviews illuminate a variety of coping strategies and reveal stark generational differences in the ways mixed race people have come to terms with their identity.

A comprehensive look at the multiracial state of the union, Fade tackles hot-button issues such as the often complicated lives of multiracial people in communities of color, interracial dating, transracial adoption, "black versus biracial" identities, and the birth of a national multiracial movement. Elliott also shares his own moving - and often humorous -firsthand experiences with race, along with intimate stories from those at the forefront of nationwide efforts to formally recognize the multiracial population.



PART 1: Who Am I?

Don't Adjust Your Television, I’m Biracial

A Mixed and Matched Family

Going West, Growing Up

The Wonder Years

The Science and Folly of Race

PART 2: Beige Like Me

The Baha’i in Me

The Chameleon Effect

The Clorox Complex

Two of a Kind

Barbershop in the Hood

PART 3: The Backdrop of History

The One Drop Suggestion

The Power of One Drop

Root of the Matter

When Perception Means Everything and Nothing

Black Backlash

PART 4: Evading the Border Patrol

Hooking Up

Monoracial People, Multiracial Families

Children of the Rainbow

On Neutral Ground

PART 5: The Politics of Being Biracial

Come to Your Census

Race Busters, Freedom Fighters, and Multiracial Village People

A Bonding Experience

Ones Who Understand

PART 6: Beyond Black and White

In the Mix

Generation M

My Survival Guide

Where Do We Go From Here?




Book signing at Elliott Bay Book Company

in Seattle, Washington

Fade was published in 2006 by Carroll & Graf, an imprint of Avalon Publishing Group.

Avalon Publishing was subsequently acquired by The Perseus Books Group in 2007.

Making an appearance on C-SPAN’s Book TV

Some of the people you’ll meet in Fade...

Sundee Tucker Frazier is a

fellow author on black-white biracial issues and a friend since high school

Jen Chau, who is of Chinese and Jewish heritage, is the founder of Swirl, a multiracial organization

Ramona Douglass, who was of black, white, and Native American heritage, served on the federal 2000 Census Advisory Committee; Ramona passed away in 2007

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