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  Organizations & Web Sites

  American Anthropological Association: www.understandingrace.org

  Bridge Communications: www.bridgecommunications.org

  The Daily Multiracial: www.dailymultiracial.com

  Journal of Social Issues: March 2009 Issue

  Loving Day, in honor of Richard and Mildred Loving: www.lovingday.org

  Mavin Foundation: www.mavinfoundation.org 

  Mixed Chicks Hair Care: www.mixedchicks.net

  Mixed Heritage Center: www.mixedheritagecenter.org

  Swirl: www.swirlinc.org

  In The News (No longer updated)                                                                                             

  More People Claim Black-White Heritage

  by USA Today

  Special Series: Race Remixed

  A series of articles by The New York Times on interracial families and multiracial identity

  NPR’s “Summer Blend” Book Club

  Tell Me More with Michel Martin features authors on the mixed race experience

  Obama checks black, and black alone

  by The Associated Press/CBS News

  Multiracial Americans and the Census

  by Mara Schiavocampo of NBC News (now with ABC News)

  “Multiracial No Longer Boxed In By Census”

  by Haya El Nasser of USA Today

  “Framing Mixed Race”

  by Jennifer Modenessi of the San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times

  Louisiana Justice of the Peace Resigns Over Interracial Marriage Flap

  by CNN.com

  Elliott Lewis Shares Firsthand Multiracial Experience

  by Mike James of The Daily Independent

  My Op-ed on Louisiana Interracial Marriage Flap

  by Elliott Lewis for Essence.com

  Obama Effect? Interracial Family Seen As Positive for NY Politician

  by Ben Smith of Politico

  “Multiracial Americans Fastest-Growing U.S. Group”

  by Hope Yen of the Associated Press

  “Are Mixed Race Children Better Adjusted?”

  by John Cloud of Time magazine

  “Obama Election Stokes Debate Over What is Biracial”

  by L.A. Johnson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  “Obama Reflects Growth of Biracial America”

  by Dianna Marder of The Philadelphia Inquirer

  Viewpoint: Is Obama Black?

  by Kimberly McClain-DaCosta on the BBC website

  “This is Who I Am”

  by Lornet Turnbull of The Seattle Times

  Biracial Americans Discuss Racial Identity on NPR

  Elliott Lewis, Fanshen Cox, and Paul Foreman on “Tell Me More with Michel Martin”

  “Multiracial Americans Surge in Number, Voice”

  by Mike Stuckey, MSNBC

  “Loving v. Virginia and the Secret History of Race”

  by Brent Staples in The New York Times (Op-ed)

  "Identities Shifting in Multiracial America"

  by William Wood of the Kalamazoo Gazette

  "Racial Identities Spawn New Terminology"

  by Mackenzie Carpenter of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  "OMA Event Speaker Challenges Race"

  by Sarah Perrin of The Exponent, student paper of the University of Alabama-Huntsville

  "Lewis Discusses Mixed Heritage"

  by Jessica Feinstein of the Yale Daily News, student newspaper of Yale University

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